The Band

Purple Lights is a bluesrock band founded in January 2014 in Zurich (Switzerland). The idea started when Luca (guitar) and Andy (bass) met thanks to an advertisement on a local website. Tired of listening always the same songs, many times played with the “wrong” sound, they were both looking for some new ideas to set up a bluesrock band but somehow – different than main stream. They were seeking some sort of “smokey” and “raw” blues sound which was not very common in town. A sort of mixture between
Texas blues and rythm‘n’blues feeling with some own interpretation, which was considered absolutely important. They were therefore not fan of “1:1” cover, neither of playing only “absolute bluesrock classics” but rather finding a niche for less known (but still very cool) songs.

Purple Lights bieten einen guten Mix aus eigenen Songs und Covers. Ihre Spielfreude steckt an und begeistert. Sie fabrizieren solide Schweizer Handarbeit aus amerikanischem Rohstoff. Sie spielen regelmässig in der Deutschschweizer BluesRock-Szene.

Foto © Graziella Borrelli, Falcone Sounds